#1 Software Testing Masterclass

120 Minutes of Exclusive Guidance | Designing Test Cases

This personalized Software Testing Masterclass will teach you the correct approach to create test cases and give you wings to brush up your software testing concepts. This one any only masterclass will be taught by Vishal Sethi having over 18+ years of industry experience. 

Class Commences: July 29, 2022 at 7:00 PM IST


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July 29, 2022

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7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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Rs. 99/- only

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What you will learn in this masterclass

In this #1 Software Testing Masterclass, you will be introduced to the practical ways of writing test cases that will help you build a good knowledge of software testing. Also, you would be learning when and where to write positive and negative test cases. Along with that you will also learn various terms that will not only make you understand how to leverage the software testing but also its importance in ant software life cycle. For many, this class has been an interview cracking session in the past.

  • Requirement Based Test Cases
  • Scenario Based Test Cases
  • Positive Test Cases
  • Negative Test Cases
  • Setting Priority of Test Cases
  • Clubbing Test Cases into Test Suite
  • When to execute Test Cases
  • How to execute Test Cases
  • Information to be filled while Test Case
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#1 Software Testing Masterclass

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QAGENIC Student Testimonials

I have been building a portfolio in software testing to gain good experience, and I think this online course is a great start! I have learned a lot about the various types of testing, software testing methods, test processes, user documentation, and team working. The practical exercises in both manual and automated testing sharpened my skills – it is definitely an advantage to get hands-on training on Selenium as well as other test tools.

Jasmyn Guru

QA Engineer, LDT Technologies
  • Ratings

Tests coded in QAGENIC’s Manual Software Testing have enabled us to find bugs that otherwise would not have been found–bugs that are now fixed and have resulted in a higher quality, more reliable product. From the moment I learned about it, I have been amazed at what QAGENIC has to offer. It takes bug tracking to a whole new level!


QA Engineer, LDT Technologies
  • Ratings

I’ve used my QA skills at every job I’ve ever had. I tested software to make sure that it works and is bug-free. With a technical background, I know how to test code which makes my testing so much easier. It all came from the Manual Software Testing program with a solid foundation in software testing, that I took from QAGENIC.

Harpreet Singh

QA Engineer, LDT Technologies
  • Ratings

It feels like I have been in software testing for years after completing Automation course from QAGENIC. With hands on experience over multiple domains and on different kinds of products, I have a better understanding of the functional flow involved in each product and understand what needs to be tested and why it should be tested. I have been able to recognize the consequences of inadequate testing and the troubleshooting that occurs once there are bugs.

Shahid Akhtar

QA Engineer, LDT Technologies
  • Ratings

My experience with the Automation Software Testing Specialization was exceptionally positive. I found it extremely engaging and enjoyed all of the content, especially the technical information on building test scripts using Selenium. The content was very timely and informative given current topics.

Abhishek Johri

QA Engineer, LDT Technologies
  • Ratings

Connect with testers from around the world with QAGENIC! Put skills you’ve learned in front-end and back-end software testing, Android, iOS, data analysis, and more around web testing, and build your technical portfolio in active QA community. With new project challenges posted on a weekly basis, you’ll have opportunities to earn QAGENIC rewards, network with fellow students, mentors, and alumni and expand your professional portfolio.

Surinder Singh

QA Engineer, LDT Technologies
  • Ratings

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Vishal Sethi

MD & Co-founder

18 years of extensive experience in project, people and delivery management with strong concentration and enormous success in QA project management with client-focused delivery, maintaining a track record of releasing high quality products within proposed schedule and budget.

Delivered more than 100 projects in my career. Currently managing the Globalization portfolio that comprise of 80+ team members, 6 clients and 23 projects.

Have strong experience in setting up new portfolio and line of services for existing and new clients.
Alongside responsible for managing the Organization’s quality and security certifications including CMMi and ISO. 

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